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We have separated our crowdfunding stretch goals for our game Reality's development process into multiple stages via different target amounts for funding. Each
set stage of development displays a trajectory of what specific attributes and features the game will have depending on time and funding. We have created a graph chart above to visually display this funding scale and multiple development stages to you. We will also have a listing of development updates and changes as time goes on. Click below to find out more information about each projected stage of development.

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Company Founder
Lead Game Designer
Web / Graphic Designer
3D Modeler / Animator
Graphic Artist
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    Reality Game Cover New
    Games For Consciousness is seeking development funding for a new game, Reality: How Will You Change It?. Reality is a next generation hybrid genre game. The game will be a hybrid of both the RTS and MMORPG game genres and will be developed for first...
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  • GFC Is Now Recruiting

    We are looking for the best minds in the gaming design and development industry to help shape our games into masterpieces. If you like our company ideas, intentions and goals and would like to be a part of our team than please read more…...
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  • Welcome To The Revolution In Video Game Design

    A game is structured form of playing, usually undertaken for enjoyment and sometimes used as an educational tool. At Games For Consciousness we design and develop games that are fun to play as well as for learning to help create and aide in the change...
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